Solutions: Card Payment Processing

Canaveri – ProPay Card and Mobile Payment Solution

Cannabis customers expect and deserve the same shopping experience normal retail provides, and that includes choice when it comes to payment methods. With Canaveri – ProPay, you can evolve beyond the limitations of cash-only and offer your dispensary customers the convenience of paying for their favorite cannabis however they choose—providing a seamless, modern customer experience that keeps them coming back.

  • Offer compliant and secure payment options.
  • Convenient cashless and contactless solution for online purchases, curbside pickups and instore purchases.
  • Eliminate hassles of in-store cash management.
  • Trusted payment network authorization Fast transaction.
  • No roundups, charge the exact total amount.

Online payments built to increase your sales

We Designed a customer checkout experience that’s as sturdy as Amazon, as quick as Uber, and 100% legal. Canaveri ProPay is a banking and payment processing solution for legally licensed cannabis dispensaries.

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